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Utah will have affordable healthcare that improves the quality of life for all.

Who We are 

The One Utah Health Collaborative is an independent 501(c)(3) organization committed to addressing the growth of healthcare spending in Utah. Through public and private funding, a community-centric approach, and emphasis on supporting innovation, we align the community on a long-term roadmap to a better healthcare system. 

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We are not the first state to tackle healthcare affordability, but the Collaborative's approach is unique. We solve problems through collaboration and innovation, not regulation. We do this by filling three roles:

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It will take all of us to reform our healthcare system. We want any and all passionate Utahns to participate. Learn more about the ways you can be a fellow collaborator and commit to the Collaborative's vision. 

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Collaborative NewS

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One Utah Health Collaborative announces trailblazing task force to set state’s first healthcare spending growth target

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PRESS RELEASE: One Utah Health Collaborative launches Innovation Advisory Board with 3M Health Care's Dan McMaster as chairman

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PRESS RELEASE: One Utah Health Collaborative expands internal team, prepares to launch “Innovation Advisory Committee” 

One Utah Health Collaborative logo and link to march newsletter

March 2023 One Utah Health Collaborative Newsletter 

Governor Cox and Stakeholders at One Utah Health Collaborative Signing Event

Gov. Cox Holds Signing Event for the One Utah Health Collaborative

"The costs of health care have become debilitating for many Utahns and rising premiums are threatening the economic future of many Utah businesses. As a result, I’m calling on providers, payers, patients, community based organizations, nonprofits, legislators, employers, and others to come together and create a more sustainable, value-based approach to health care that will benefit all Utahns."
- Gov. Spencer J. Cox

Thank you to our funders 

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