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Curbing the growth of healthcare spending is best done through innovation. We serve as both a promoter and supporter of new healthcare innovations in the state and welcome ideas to support your efforts. We address challenges that come with innovation, including lack of awareness, lack of partners, lack of reliable data to demonstrate value, and lack of funding.


We bring broad awareness to innovations to inspire replication, enhancements, and expanded participation.


We support innovators to succeed and scale through data analysis, advice on market and policy barriers, and introductions that can forge new synergistic partnerships.


We convene multi-stakeholder initiatives and provide a trusted setting to achieve collective solutions.

Featured Innovation
Digital Health Interoperability Pilot


The Collaborative partnered with Governor Spencer Cox and Leavitt Partners to launch a statewide public/private sector initiative to advance digital health interoperability and ignite the application economy in health care. In April 2023, Governor Cox, former Governor Mike Leavitt, and Micky Tripathi, National Coordinator for IT Health, kicked off the Digital Health Interoperability Pilot at the Utah State Capitol.

The pilot workgroup envisions a future where providers, payers, and individuals can aggregate both clinical and claims information for a specific person in one place without the need to create separate portal accounts, provide unnecessary burden on providers or patients, and leverage modern internet technologies such as HL7® Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR®) Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). Utah desires to be a leader in advancing federal interoperability policy from the Office of National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC), including the Trusted Exchange Framework and Common Agreement (TEFCA), and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).


The Digital Health Interoperability Pilot workgroup meets regularly. Please email if your organization would like to participate.

Goals and Objectives


The pilot workgroup’s goal is to work faster, better, and more efficiently to implement a statewide FHIR API-based ecosystem in the state of Utah to enhance health data exchange and ensure the health system works better for the providers, payers, public health authorities, the state Medicaid agency, and citizens who live and work in the state. To achieve this goal, the pilot workgroup has focused its efforts on six key strategies that align with federal interoperability policy:

  1. Clinical Data Exchange

  2. Prior Authorization

  3. FHIR API Endpoint Directory

  4. Digital Identity Federation

  5. Digital Insurance Card

  6. Public Health Data Modernization

Innovation Advisory Board

What is the IAB? The IAB is an appointed group of individuals who review requests for the Collaborative to support innovation projects. We are honored to have this distinguished committee as a part of the Collaborative.

Roles and Responsibilities

1. Monitor the state landscape for health-related needs, drivers of healthcare costs, and health inequities
2. Seek out and identify innovations across the state
3. Design and maintain an innovation portfolio that guides the allocation of resources

4. Create and apply a framework to review innovation requests and provide recommendations on how the Collaborative can best support applicants
5. Advise the Collaborative on what activities to undertake to further promote and inspire innovation in the state

Submit your idea via our form.

We conduct a screening process to ensure your innovation aligns with our priorities and evaluate how to best support you.


We support your innovation through promotion, connection with other innovators, offering technical support, and in some instances, provide funding.


We track progress on your innovation and make modifications on how we help as it grows.


The Collaborative supports all forms of health innovation. Through a public input process, the Collaborative identified the following four areas as having an outsized impact in achieving our goals. The Collaborative prioritizes innovations and initiatives that align with these areas:

  • Primary Care - Utahns have and use access to preventative and primary care

  • Behavioral Health - Utahns have intuitive access to integrated Behavioral health care

  • Data infrastructure - Utahns personal health records are fully available to them and to those who care for them to improve health outcomes and reduce the expense of duplicate care

  • Coverage Areas - Utahns have appropriate health insurance coverage to access the health services they need

Current Priority Areas

If you would like to learn more about the IAB's work please email

Dan McMaster, Chairman
Chief Strategy Officer & Director,
3M Health Information Systems

Brent James M.D., M.Stat. FACPE 
Clinical Professor, Clinical
Excellence Research Center
(CERC), Dept of Medicine Stanford
University School of Medicine

Douglas Smith
CMO Market Medical Executive
Utah Cigna Healthcare

Erika Tse PA-C
Physician Assistant, Pediatrics
Sacred Circle Healthcare

Joshua Walker
Co-Founder & COO
Nomi Health

Katie Swenson DMSc, MBA, PA-C, Executive Clinical Director,

Surgical Specialties-Digestive Health Clinical Program

Mara Rabin M.D.,

Medical Director,

Utah Health and Human Rights

Oreta Tupola MSW/CHW,

Program Coordinator,

Utah Community
Health Worker Association

Peter Weir M.D., M.P.H,

Executive Medical Director of Population Health
University of Utah

Preston Cochrane
The Other Side Village

Yemi Arunsi MHCDS, RN
Director of Hospital Care
Management Intermountain

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