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Commit to action 

The Collaborative serves as the steward of commitments toward statewide health goals, and facilitates collective and independent efforts to attain these goals. If you would like to improve health in Utah, please consider signing the One Utah Health Collaborative pledge. Signers of the pledge declare their commitment to goals, principles, and the necessary actions to create change. We feature the activities organizations are taking to accomplish them. 

Statewide Goals

The Collaborative works to curb the growth of healthcare spending in the state while holding to three key goals:


Utah will lead the nation in affordable healthcare for employers, state government, and every individual.


Utahns will receive equitable healthcare regardless of race, ethnicity, sex, geography, or background.


Utah will have the healthiest population in the nation.

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our pledge partners

We are thankful for your commitment to our pledge and honored to have a team of key healthcare leaders join our movement. 

Commit to change 

If you, as an individual, organization, or company, desire to add specific activities to your pledge with the One Utah Health Collaborative, you can personalize how to approach our overarching goals of affordability, equity, and outcomes. We invite you to dedicate resources to influence your own spheres, shared accountability, and participate in collaborative efforts. 


Email us at for more information. 

Update on a PartneR Fulfilling Their Pledge 


Medicaid Update: Jen Strohecker

The Department of Health and Human Services and Utah Medicaid is committed to the One Utah Health Collaborative’s vision of equitable, person-centered care that improves health outcomes of Medicaid members.

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