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accelerate Innovation

Curbing the growth of healthcare spending is better done through innovation, not regulation. We serve as both a promoter and supporter of new healthcare innovations in the state and welcome ideas to support your efforts. We address challenges that come with innovation, including lack of awareness, lack of partners, lack of reliable data to demonstrate value, and lack of funding.

Innovation Advisory Board (IAB) 

What is the iaB? 

The IAB is an appointed group of individuals who review requests for the Collaborative to support innovation projects. We are honored to have this distinguished board as a part of the Collaborative. 

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We bring broad awareness to innovations to inspire replication, enhancements, and expanded participation.




We identify and connect individuals or organizations with complementary capabilities and synergistic interests to forge new partnerships.​




We provide services that enable innovations to succeed and scale, such as program evaluation, data analysis, supportive funding, and project management, and advise on market and policy barriers.​

Roles and Responsibilities 


Monitor the state landscape  

for health-related needs, drivers of healthcare costs, and health inequities 


Seek out and identify innovations 

across the state addressing these critical needs  


Design and maintain an innovation portfolio 

that guides the allocation of resources


Create and apply a framework  

to review innovation requests and provide recommendations on how the Collaborative can best support applicants  


Advise the Collaborative  

on what activities to undertake to further promote and inspire innovation in the state 

To learn more about what the IAB is responsible for, please review our document: 

Our process 


Submit your idea via our form submission.


We conduct a screening process to ensure your innovation aligns with our priorities and evaluate how to best support you. 

3. Support

We support your innovation through promotion, connection with other innovators, offering technical support, and in some instances, provide funding. 

4. Track 

We track progress on your innovation and make modifications on how we help as it grows. 

Current Priority Areas

The Collaborative supports all forms of innovation. Through a public input process, the Collaborative identified the following four areas as having an outsized impact in achieving our goals. The Collaborative will prioritize innovations and initiatives that align with these areas. 

Doctor_s Appointment

Primary Care

Utahns have and use access to preventative and primary care. 

Support Group

Behavioral Health

Utahns have intuitive access to integrated Behavioral health care.

Online Medical Consultant

Data infrastructure

Utahns personal health records are fully available to them and to those who care for them to improve health outcomes and reduce the expense of duplicate care.

Online Medical Consultant

Coverage Areas

Utahns have appropriate health insurance coverage to access the health services they need.

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